Breathwork is an active breathing meditation that allows you to heal your deepest fears, blocks, and negative beliefs.

You can move through blocks you don't always know are there, find the clarity you seek, and live out your passion to the fullest extent.

Breathwork is about grounding your nervous system and moving energy.

Breathing regularly allows you to clear the veil of noise that surrounds you in modern day.  

Finally find clarity and peace within yourself as you let the stress and anxiety go and embrace the freedom of feeling centered, grounded, and clear again.




Clear those limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and indecisiveness that restricts you from living your life in the way you actually want to be living.

In this 1-hour session will determine your preferred subject, breathe, and reflect on your experience.




harness the power of the group to dive deeper

Delve into the topic with a group setting and harness the energy of the collective to release the stuck energy and blocks.


Classes, Events + Workshops

what screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.

During the private healing session we will look at what you would like to work through. Then you will lie down and start the breath meditation. You will find yourself dropping into your body, you may experience your body releasing energy it's holding onto, as pins and needles or heat. After the active meditation is completed there will be a rest period that allows you to clear any residual energy before we talk about your experience.

As your guide I am here to witness your experience, aid in the process, and encourage your transformation. The sessions are led intuitively and I will create a environment that will support your highest potential - no matter what you are seeking.

The group experience is very similar to the private healing session. 

The flow of our time together will remain the same, except that you are sharing the space with others who are looking to release the blocks and negative beliefs that no longer serve them as well.

Being in a group can be a incredibly powerful moment because you get to experience the collective energy.

what to expect