Are you ready to become very clear on who you are at the core of your soul, understanding the greatness you possess so you can become a master of your emotional state and... become the creator of your own life?

If you answered yes, you are in the right place.

Breathwork, we have found, is the quickest way to tap into the sense of deep lasting happiness within and it would be our honor to guide you in...

The breath is the gateway into becoming more you. The breath can help you clear out past emotional stagnation that is holding you prisoner and awaken you towards more self-acceptance and vibrancy. There is no doubt that you will leave this online workshop feeling refreshed, revitalized, and renewed, all while building community and having a ton of fun. 

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to detox old energy out of your body and mind, connecting you directly to Source. You breathe with an open mouth into the belly, clearing new energy into old stories and limiting beliefs. You draw the breath up to the throat working into pure acceptance and love of all that you are. You breathe out of the mouth to release. It will leave you feeling more free, aligned, and open. But more importantly, it will allow you to feel less worried and burdened by the daily grind and rat race of life.

We’ll start with a circle, sharing with the group about what is coming up for us, and then move to the breathing! We will be holding space and guiding you through the entire experience as a cosmic soundtrack relaxes you into a deep meditative state.

Cari + Amelie