did you know That the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself?

Are you feeling oversubscribed, tired, emotionally drained, and exhausted by all the things you should be doing in your life? 

Then you're in the right place!

In today's world you are hyper connected, filled with should's and wants so much so that you forget what it is that you actually want.

If you are craving feeling a purpose, clarity in your own being, and a better understanding of what you want then this is for you!


a tool to help you get out of your head and into your heart

We are living in a time when we are so busy doing things and trying to keep up that we often forget to take a deep breath.

Rudolph Steiner says "the average person breaths 25,900 times a day" and the breath can influence the balance of our autonomic nervous system, the acid / alkaline balance of our body, digestion and posture, as well as the muscles themselves. Yet we still can't seem to do it right.

Which is where Breathwork comes in. It's a form of active meditation (a type of pranayama) that helps release stress and anxiety while liberating endorphins which gives you a wonderful happy / high feeling afterwards.

It's a simple and ancient relaxation technique that clears stuck energy. The simple technique can be learned in one session and the results can be profound.

It's a powerful, low technology form of self-healing. It connects us to our body, moves stuck energy and emotions, and opens the heart. It can also help connect to your intuition, memory, and creativity.

Since we already use breath daily, breathwork is for everyone: even if you have anxiety or panic attacks, asthma, chronic pain, if you're pregnant or processing a traumatic experience.

All of us carry around pain, fear, and outdates beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, which lives tucked away in our cells, in various corners of our bodies. Breathwork is a simple tool that supports us in finally shedding those heavy weights and strengthening our inner knowing and connection to our self.



Introducing Breathwork

I'm Amelie

Certified Breathwork Facilitator
helping you move blocks and release what no longer works for you - quickly and with ease



Start each day with a grateful heart.  Say yes to your curiosities. Embrace lofty love.  Celebrate your contradictions.  Keep shedding - beliefs, fears, worn-out ways of living.  Make peace with your past, fine-tune your intuition.  Trust.  Laugh loudly, from the deepest part of your being.  Smile through the struggle.  Compare no more.  Give freely, and often.  Make the rules.  Break the rules.  Be the light...and beam it out, big.  Answer the call of what enlivens you.  Demand adventure.  Live wild and free.